Your Taste Is Literal Dog Water Kid, Get Good


This hypothetical world of music discovery is exhausting. The pretentious ideology that these kids who look at numbers all day set the benchmark for new artists is as ridiculous as it sounds. I look at these other platforms essentially as what they are, fratty circle-jerks searching for the next O Rod or some cringe-filled pop dweeb. Nothing is rugged and to be real it’s like some of these writers are scared to look towards the unfiltered sounds. Yes, I’m well aware of these metaphorical ceilings that these artists run into, but let’s be honest. There are few and far between who bring us true career artists over and over again.

Most people are riding their wave that validated them to be in the position, but shit I think its time for a changing of the guard. Shout to the people I’m actually cool with, who are genuine souls and fans of music before anything. They know who they are and shouldn’t have to stress because they add to the culture, instead of stealing from it. And for everyone who slept on the Chiefers team or my own work, I leave you with this. Your taste is literal dog water kid, get good.

Lunchbox – So High Cant Move

Lunchbox doesn’t give a fuck about what you think he should make, he’s going to create a sound that can only come from his fingertips. It’s grown to bigger than just production, the artistry has expanded from past the DAW’s and onto our screens. With direction from Camp. ALT, we see Lunch stroll through the darkness, illuminated by edits likened to the third kind. This man is not human when it comes to his music, pushing limits and boundaries in the auditory realm. Essentially this is Uptown’s rugged take on hyperpop, with no frills or childish gimmicks. Whatever you call it truly doesn’t matter because this slaps, peep this one above.

SG Ali – Bet Against Me

SG Ali is a different breed of Chicago artist. You can hear pain and passion reflecting through every melodic move made. In just ten brief cuts we hear her lay it all on the line and paint her story in the sky. You could categorize this as pain rap, but regardless of these hypothetical genre generalizations, Ali provides great music as her introduction. With the only features being OMB Peezy and Taysav, Bet Against Me has chosen to focus on SG‘s growing prowess. “Project Flow” is a personal favorite on here because the feeling speaks to the soul. “Mama Said” brings goosebumps on a rainy ray speaking to the child inside of all of us. Overall this is going to make some moves for Ali and her team, it’s truly on the beginning.

RealYungPhil Featuring BoofPaxkMooky – Dead Ones

The powerful duo of Mooky and Phil are only accented when they link with Dylvinci. Getting some additional help from Jacob Rochester on the production, this mellow mood washes over our souls and preps us for another day. And in just one-minute and twenty-seconds we have a brief break in the monotony of life. Two of my favorite rappers from 2021 who have put the work in and are laying foundation for a sustainable career. This one is grassroots brilliance, so tap in you wenches.

Slimesito – Murder She Wrote (Produced By Evil Giane)

Evil Giane might be the MVP of 2021 because he’s produced a good portion of the top-tier music released in these recent months. Gifting Slimesito this production for “Murder She Wrote” we hear that usual Sito rattling us from the gutter, it’s just over some more lucid instrumentation. I’ve always felt as if Slimesito deserves a bit more shine from the world, but the underground will always regard him as a cornerstone of the scene. It’d be sick if Giane and Sito ran a whole project together, but who knows what the future will hold.

Obrigado – Dirty Laundry

Obrigado is not an overtly modern sounding group, but their waves are unique and gift us  differing options in a realm full of repetition. “Dirty Laundry” is a simplistic approach, but they execute the song incredibly well. From the vocal melding, to the cinematic shots grasping our attention by the lapels, Obrigado knows how to play the game. You could compare them to a newer, more interesting boy band without the molded impression forced on them by a clueless label. Obrigado can move freely and create however they please, so when they gift us another, don’t sleep on the madness.


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