Yung Honcho is the Heart and Soul of his Hometown, Knoxville, Tennessee, and He Tells His Life Story on His New EP “Major Pain”


Knoxville, Tennessee rapper Yung Honcho has been a shining star in an area otherwise devoid of much musical talent at all, spare his close friend and frequent collaborator Hardaway1k who is incarcerated in federal prison and until last year Honcho was sharing the same fate. Before going to jail Honcho was the heir-apparent artist to break through from Tennessee in late-2019, earning co-signs and collaborations with major artists in the industry and even nearly being signed by Meek Mill, but fickle as rap fans can often be, he had lost a great deal of his buzz after being released despite standing tall in the face of adversity. Slowly but surely he has scratched his way back, regaining his buzz one single and video at a time, but this streak culminated this week with his release of his new project Major Painwhich is my favorite work of his since Black Heart Honcho which first put him on in a major way beyond his hometown. He recruited two of Alabama’s brightest young stars in Jay Montana and CTG DayDay for the lone features on the project and each of these artists fit perfectly beside Honcho. His melodies are unmatched and his vocal range grows with each new release and his voice communicates a great deal of pain which he doubles down on lyrically, letting his soul bleed and making the song cry every time he graces an instrumental. I think the sky is the limit for Yung Honcho and I can’t wait to see him bring some of these tracks to life with visuals soon.


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