Yung Pinch Hits The Jackpot with His New Single, “21”


Photo by tilla.wav

The beach boy, also known as Yung Pinch, is here to save us from the coronavirus with his latest single, “21,” featuring production from The Atomix. Taking it back to the beach, Pinch surfs away with another west coast hit.

His latest project, Back 2 The Beach, has hit the coasts hard with fresh records for old and new fans to love. That album was only the beginning of 2020 for Pinch as he continues to build momentum into the middle of the year.

Spinning this song off his loves and lost loves, Pinch pours his heart out into this track and he only seems to get better with time. We love Pinch here at Daily Chiefers, and look forward to his exciting future. Take some time and check out his latest single, “21,” down below. You won’t be disappointed.


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