Dreamville – Revenge of the Dreamers II [Album Review]


Dreamville Records specially released Revenge of the Dreamers II, the much-anticipated follow up to its predecessor Revenge of the Dreamers. The roughly 30 minute nine-track tape features J. Cole, Bas, Coz, and Omen along with Dreamville Records’ newest signings Ari Lennox and Lute. Originally scheduled for release Friday, J. Cole specially released the tape Monday at Midnight after dropping clues to his fan base about Revenge of the Dreamers II via his personal Twitter account. With the project now available on iTunes, Dreamville diehards are sifting through the track list to listen to the latest from its talented roster.

Through and through Revenge of the Dreamers II is a solid project with plenty to offer its audience. One can dive in the depths of its lyrical language partnered with rhythmic rhymes to resurface satisfied and content. The artists utilize creative wordplay partnered with transcending production work to communicate their messages and signature styles. Upon hearing this project, the mind seems to naturally drift into its recesses. Bars generally imprison, yet these bars liberate the mind of confinement to a different level of translucency. They enlighten ones perception and thought to a reality one may not have achieved unless guided to otherwise. 

The lively energy encountered in J. Cole’s last song release “Black Friday” takes backseat to an entrancing energy on this project. One simply just wants to sit back, relax and be engulfed in the atmosphere this project generates. All the while absorbing and comprehending the messages encased in creative language. Dreamville diehards after listening to this project can be content in the direction Dreamville Records is moving towards along with optimistic of what the labels future holds.

Written by DJ Odyssey.


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