2OUTH2ID3 To Worldwide, A Conversation with Crash Rarri

Times have changed. As we near the halfway point of 2018 and take a look around the shape of the trends and waves surrounding us it’s safe to say that the underground is arguably the most relevant it has ever been. More and more often we are seeing artists break through to new audiences in unique fashion and bring heavy attention to new scenes and sounds. One artist doing more than most is Columbus’ own Crash Rarri (previously known as Insomniac Rarri). Few artists have the creative drive and long term vision that Rarri does and it shows with the way he shapes his releases and approaches his image. Recently I got the pleasure of having a chat with Rarri after one of his shows in Virginia Beach, VA and got the chance to talk about some of the direction he’s taking with his maneuvers.

It was already several hours and Rum & Coke’s into the evening when I finally got the chance to link up with Rarri and discuss how things were looking so far in his 2018. Virginia’s own Traptastic was hosting a self proclaimed ‘Bash at the Beach’ with performances from the likes of Guapdad 4000, Young Crazy, and of course Crash Rarri himself. The atmosphere was stellar and it was less of a formal presentation of a show and a lot of more of a bumping party with performances to really amplify the vibes of the night. The first performer, Guapdad, didn’t even take the stage until nearly one in the morning. By the time the show was underway everyone in attendance was sufficiently lit and it showed. Everyone that touched the stage shredded their sets, leaving the whole floor of Shaka’s Live rumbling and every booty in attendance bouncing. Rarri’s set was a peak of the night as he ran through renditions of some hits including his stellar “Famous/Spaceship.” The sets lasted well past two in the morning with last calls for drinks being announced before the music was even finished, but everyone was having way too much fun to worry.

After the sets died down I was able to talk to Rarri about his recent video for “No Wonder,” shot by Chicago director Jake Osmun that debuted through Elevator back on April 1st. When talking about the collaboration between the Columbus and Chicago scenes Rarri said, “It’s all the Midwest, it’s a whole movement.” Speaking on Ohio specifically, “I feel like Ohio is finally making they opportunity, Trippie he opened doors to a lot of shit, I been opening up doors to a lot of shit, I feel like Lambs [ referring to fellow Insomniac affiliate Insomniac Lamb$] been opening up doors.” Ohio definitely has had no lack of talent and noteworthy artists over the years but for some reason it seems like this new wave of artists like Trippie Redd and the Insomniacs are really doing things differently. The vibe I could pick up from Rarri was one of an artist focused and determined to take things to a whole new level, not only for himself but for the whole movement he is spearheading. “I already got my own wave, ya feel me? I already did XXL, I did Pigs & Planes, I got the shit with AllDefDigital. And I’m still independent. I know imma be a superstar, I just started making music. Music done took me out the country, from the west coast to the east coast, to Miami, all the way to fuckin’ Europe. I know the power of music. I know imma be a superstar, but I’m not where I wanna be yet.”

“It’s always about Southside to Worldwide, It’s always about spreading that story. Ohio is so slept on but it won’t be slept on for long.”

With the high quality of content coming from this budding superstar it’s hard not to agree with him. Be on the lookout for his new video for “Famous/Spaceship” presented by AllDefDigital dropping May 9th that from the previews looks like an instant classic. If you’re hoping to catch Rarri live soon pay close attention as he left me with one last message…. “SUMMER DATES COMING SOON!”

All photos by Will Harden (@Willthashooter)

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