Up Next: MobSquad Nard discusses working w/ Boosie, Nardo DaVinci and more!


Duval-representative MobSquad Nard burst onto the scene with his album Everything Clean But Da Ashtray, which featured the likes of 21 Savage. With a sound that’s sort of reminiscent of Boosie Badazz, or more recently Kodak Black, Nard is certainly a promising emcee that you should be aware of. His upcoming album, Nardo DaVinci will be available through all major streaming services on October 13th.

Daily Chiefers: How does it feel representing Jacksonville, Florida right now… How do you feel about the resurgence Florida is having in hip-hop?

Nard: Shit it feels good, where I came from, they all rock with me and support what we’re doing. Shit I feel good about what Florida is doing right now in hip-hop, it’s sort of scattered. It’s not like it is in Atlanta where everyone is linking up but Florida is the new thing right now and it feels good.

Daily Chiefers: On your latest project, “Nardo DaVinci” you had the opportunity to work with Boosie Badazz, You’ve mentioned he was a big influence in the past. How did it feel to link with him?

Nard: It was just like, damn I linked with Boosie. I’ve been fucking with Boosie since I was 13 so it was amazing to have a song together. I knew I had to make it happen with that song, people might not know but it’s influenced by the song, “What’s Happenin” by Juvenile. I take a lot of influence from southern music, you can hear that influence in this album.

Daily Chiefers: What can fans expect from this new project?

Nard: Your going to hear a lot more of me on the songs. I slowed it down, I tried to make music that no other person could duplicate, I’ve got bars and I wanted to make sure it’s classic, one of kind type shit. It’s that classic southern gangsta music.

Daily Chiefers: How does “Nardo DaVinci” differ from “Everything Clean But Da Ashtray?”

Nard: I would say I took a lot and really tried to focus on this project. On Everything Clean, I wanted to make an impact and make sure people knew who I was. It wasn’t really themed, just based around me I got [Big] K.R.I.T, I got 21 Savage on it. Don’t get me wrong I got Boosie and [Star]lito on this but it’s a-lot more focused on me, I snapped on this shit. Really I’m gradually coming into being a solo act, I’m used to rapping with MobSquad and my guys. This project is really me transitioning into my own shit, it’s bigger steps where you’re going to see the development.

Daily Chiefers: What was your recording process like while working on it? Where was most of it recorded?

Nard: Most of it was recorded in my studio, I would also go to LA and get inspired. I did “Black Magic” in LA, I did “All Traps Closed” in LA, a bunch of song that didn’t make it on the tape I did in LA. I also did a bunch of tracks in Jacksonville, some in Miami, I took a while on certain songs, I put a lot of thought into certain tracks. MobSquad was also around for recording the project, I got the whole team on that shit, Lil Tee, Snap Sosa, they’re coming up soon! It’s just about this boss shit.

Daily Chiefers: Another artist you’ve worked with on this is Starlito, it seems like you two have a great relationship. Are we going to continue seeing collaborations?

Nard: Damn right it’s just the beginning [Star]lito has helped me out so much with my latest music. It’s a blessing, that’s my brother. I’m appreciative of that man for helping me and giving me the game, definitely one of the most genuine guys. I just want to reciprocate that love, we got like 15 songs that are unreleased, a lot of shit you haven’t heard.

Daily Chiefers: You’re performing alongside him and many more this weekend at the “Major Independent$ Showcase” at AC3, What should fans expect?

Nard: Oh shit, I’m going in, I’m bringing all of MobSquad with me. I’m going to town, putting my shit in people’s faces. You can expect I’m going to do Black Magic, All Traps Closed, I’m gonna give the people all of their favorite cuts. Basically, when I get on stage I’m bringing everything I got.

Daily Chiefers: How has your experience been with Cinematic Music Group, you’ve been working together for a while now?

Nard: Damn right, [Cinematic] it’s like family. I prefer not to be in situations where I have to be on some sort of  business front. Cinematic feels like family, [Jonny] Shipes and I are like family. The way they run that label is just different, the way some of these other labels force people together is just weird to me. I love being around people like [G] Herb[o], it’s nothing but  family on that label. They always make me feel like I’m at home when I’m in New York.


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