100yrd Is Making Strides To Always Stay Ahead Of The Pack


This young maestro has been cooking in the underground for a few years now and his work is finally starting to get recognized. From waves with BUKU! and countless other rising producers, 100 has consistently prevailed as one of those to go to ears as opposed to just a beatmaker.

From instrumentation gifted to artists like Swoosh God, Dee Aura, Boofboiicy, Pasto Flacco, NGeeYL and Zelly Ocho. To his most recent and most prominent placement thus far, Amine‘s “Meant2B” aside F1lthy, it’s pretty apparent why he deserves to be getting some more attention. Momentum and consistency interlock in between each other oftentimes formulating a glimpse at success, though such a small percentage get to taste that world for a long period of time.

To be a rising producer in 2021 is daunting to say the very fucking least, but the strength of competition is pushing the real ones to rise to the occasion. 100 moves differently than those who are after attention. He wants to make sure the team is good and his legacy is cemented when it’s all said and done. Amidst a world of unsurety, 100yrd is betting the house on himself.


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