Why #10Day is Better Than #AcidRap


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    By now Chance the Rapper’s 10 Day mixtape has been well played out and rest solely on a metaphorical shelf that continues to gather dust. I’ve said it before, but today just feels like the right day to truly express why I think Chance’s #10Day mixtape is leagues ahead of critically acclaimed Acid Rap project — I think it might be all the rain. Anyways, lets get into it:

    Chance the Rapper, a Chicago native, has released two highly acclaimed mixtapes — which by now, we all know — on his quick rise to success. 10 Day, his first release, which inspired by a 10 day long suspension during his senior year, has had critics raving about every inch of this project. Including me.

    The main difference between 10 Day and Acid Rap is the cohesiveness that layers the project. Although Acid Rap triumphs 10 Day in many regards, including overall sound quality, production quality, and replay value, Chance the Rapper was able to bring something very unique to his 10 Day mixtape: a true story, compiled with the fact that his overriding passion to turn a negative into something positive, is truly something beautiful.

    Jazz and soul inspired many chords that were featured on 10 Day, riffs and vocals that compliment Chance’s loosely passionate verses, adding something flavorful to every flip and turn that you take on 10 Day. In fact, from time to time he even launches into a vocal line out of no where.

    The cohesiveness between Chance’s lines go regularly unnoticed, and sometimes, even get shunned as a terrible verse, when in reality, is something bigger than a causal glance. It sometimes takes me 10-11 listens just to get the full meanings of Chance’s songs — and I’m still not sure if I fully grasp it.

    His viewpoints on this album are articulate to say the least. Not only is he stating his obvious frustrations with his suspension, he’s also reminiscing on the good times, something you’re forced to do when you’re suspended and grounded. He shares vivid, but powerful images about his childhood, his good friend Rodney (who was killed in front of his eyes), and his views on the violence that constantly surrounds him.

    The one gripe against his ascension at the time was that he didn’t have much music out for the people to hear. There was only enough to know that he was versatile, but not enough to know if he could hold an entire project on his own. Once he got that out of the way, it was unanimous that Chance was a unique and wondrous talent. No two songs sound the same, including (surprisingly) the “Long Time 2” and its revamp, “Long Time II” feat. Nico Segal — like for real, even his remixes sound different.

    But there is one overarching theme: his name’s Chance for a reason, and he takes several here. From jumping on laid back, introspective beats like “Nostalgia,” to the ignorant anthem of the year “Fuck You Tahm Bout,” to the club banger “Juke Juke,” Chance was able to reinvent his sound over and over again in a period of time where music is lacking just that. There’s a plethora of styles here on display, so when it’s said that there is something for everyone…

    …it really is.

    Chance’s approach with mixing lyricism and his sing-song voice is completely unorthodox, but at the same time, is what makes us cherish and love every syllable. He’s completely himself; on every track, on every adlib, and on every album he creates, because that’s what Chance is. A shot in the dark, a one in a million. His music is the same feelings of life. We all laugh, we all cry, we all think about our deepest fears, it’s just that sometimes we can utter that thought.

    Whether it’s because we’re embarrassed, or it’s because we don’t even think about it, either way, Chance has a way to making you love yourself — for who you really are. Chance doesn’t just focus on punchlines; he includes them within the message.

    10 Day is honestly one of the best projects I’ve ever heard, and it keeps getting better with every listen. The bottom line is, that whether you like 10 Day better or if you like Acid Rap better, Chance is always moving forward in pursuit of finding that next sound, that next big thing no one has ever thought about before. And it’s a beautiful thing.

    Don’t sleep.

    Love, Joey.



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