2219 Lee Makes A Statement With His New Project “2219”


This is here just in time for the summer. 2219 Lee had the world going crazy with “Hakeem” a few months back, but this time around 2219 is a statement piece for everyone to pay attention to. With some features and production by the home team including Cash Cobain, Mali Smith, Lonny Love, Chow Lee, Max Yb, Matthew Ali, and F-Lee you hear a melding of all their styles.

“Katana” is a standout, but “SWV” and “I’m Sorry” might be the personal favorites on the project. “War With Us” aka “Hakeem” reigns in an ominous realm to round things out, but provides enough energy for the brutal months of heat before us. Essentially, this just reminds the fans of this cut and allows a chance for new fans to stumble upon it as well.

2219 Lee is yet another name out of Jersey to get hip to because this camp doesn’t stop churning out hits. It might take a bit longer to catch on, but the foundation is all there. 2219 Lee is going to run the city this year, pay attention.


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