347aidan Will Blow Your Mind With New Single, “Demons and Monsters”


Meet 347aidan, the 17-year-old mastermind from Cambridge, Ontario, who is absolutely crushing through genres with a unique, introspective style. Coming in hot off the tail-end of his experimental summer single, “Live How I Want,” the young star has proven he is here to stay with an incredible new offering that hits you straight out of left field.

With 2020 seemingly hot on everyone’s feet, 347aidan offers insight into corruption within society and where everybody has gone wrong in setting up their priorities:

this song is about the corruption of the real world leaders who we are meant to put in power and praise, but are also the people taking the most from us. the song is about the corruption we see everyday through our phones. the need to be “famous” , “pretty” or “rich” is all concepts I don’t understand. we seem to value looks over anything else in this society and it disgusts me. my goal is to one day show people that none of that really matters, and to be “rich” isn’t always meaning money. at the end of the day, real happiness can not be formed by building up a fake reality. the most beautiful, richest people still cry. I think as a society we need to search for peace of mind, and not small substitutions for a smile.

With Aidan being so young, the potential here is endless. Harnessing a talent so raw and intentional through the creation of his self-made single, “Demons and Monsters,” it is clear that 347aidan is inspired by being able to help others through dark times. His newest single, “Demons and Monsters,” really shines a light on how much this means to him.

Stream “Demons and Monsters” here


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