4TUNAT Releases Heartfelt Single, “Best Friend”


4TUNAT’s “Best Friend” speaks on heartbreak and sonically embodies that exact feeling. This is emphasized with lines like “I was the one that would love you if nobody else did” and “tell me how it feels to betray your best friend.” The production consists of slowed down high hats and intoxicating strums from an acoustic guitar, giving the listener the experience of reminiscing over a heartbreak, while relaxing on the beach simultaneously.

The vocals from the Atlanta-based artist sounded sincere and reminded me a lot of the late great, Juice Wrld. If you are in your feels but the weather is still amazing out, this is the track for you. There is also great video to go along with this track, directed by Dylan Budnieski who is a member of the popular Overcast production company along with ShotBySig. Check out 4TUNAT’s latest track down below.

Peep the video.


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