5 more songs….why haven’t you left him yet?


It’s the day after my 29th Birthday. I am happy with what I have achieved, but the universe always blesses you with more challenges to overcome. Music has always been a pertinent aspect of pushing through tribulations. It’s never been about numbers for me, it’s about the fucking feeling this art creates. It’s saved my life countless times and will continue to do so, and it’s the same for a greater part of the population whether they know it or not. Without expression were are vanilla bean, bland, alabaster canvases, awaiting another influence to drive us further from our own true selves. That’s why I digest music alone. In these settings, only I am formulating an opinion and I think the artists would appreciate that. Yes, there are instances when you hear that record outside and it energizes you in an inexplicable way. But I prefer to sit with the sounds and really enjoy the peace they bring me. So with that being said, here are five blazing jams from the month of June, that your BUM ASS…..well you know the drill.

E The Profit FT. Roadrunner TB – Cheat Sheet

E The Profit and Roadrunner TB are two impressive young names from the Cincinnati area. E reps Kentucky, but the city has adopted him because it’s some of the best music Cincy has seen in a minute. TB never disappoints with his charisma and definitely adds a certain zest that a good portion of the pack lacks. With direction from Jordan Phillips and Ethan Dickens, these frames aren’t filled with an abundance of mind-blowing edits. They stick to the fundamentals and crank out a polished set of shots that shine throughout whichever setting. TB drops his newest tape Dark Clouds on July 13th and E seems like he’s gonna keep building momentum with these loose releases. Either fucking way the bros are putting on for our region and we have to appreciate that.

S9acecat – ???

So there are very few times when I am blown away by music, but truth be told I usually write about that shit. There are so many different sounds in which we could all choose from, but this time S9acecat‘s EP entitled simply ??? is my choice for our newest auditory sensation. “Pain Potion” and “Life Line” are two completely differing feels, but they still encompass emotions like joy, pain, and a whole lot of passion. With a pair of features from the brilliant Shoty, this EP is a stellar introduction to the wizardry of both of these young artists. “Magic Spell” finishes things off in a self-reflecting manner, showcasing this young man’s self-awareness. If the music is this great now, just wait until the next wave, so stream the gas above.

Kadoleaf FT. Tommy Richman – Number9

Kadoleaf and Tommy Richman are two magnificent maestros that are flying under the radar. It’s not from a lack of talent by any fucking means because these two have fire at their fingertips with “Number9”. Tommy‘s sultry tone starts things off, spilling his heart on the pavement. Then Kado comes through and adds his brimming piece to the already powerful dance record. Now, this isn’t a house mood or anything repetitive, instead it’s like they traveled back in time to strut atop this beautiful synth from the 80s. Music like this will survive the hands of time and it’s so impressive it’s coming from artists this young. “Number9” is one of the best songs you don’t know about, so tap in you wenches.

King Khali x Sage FT. Reek & Malcolm Jakob – Fist High

This one is a powerful set of shots to say the very least. King Khali, Sage, Reek, and Malcolm Jakob all tap in to give a dose of reality with “Fist High”. Each of these wordsmiths delivers a poignant verse with unwavering confidence. The mellow instrumentation provided by Sage doesn’t get played out, instead, it finds a vivid pocket to dwell in. Jakob finishes things out and leaves us with “The American dream, you were sleep if you believe it.” This is real life and real music from some young men who actually care about how our world turns and develops. “Fist High” is a reminder to be proud of who you are and to not let the world disrespect you. Do yourself a favor and peep this greatness above.

Brevin Kim – YOU.F.O.

Closing this one out, we have some heat from the Brevies! Brevin Kim is going to blow the fuck up and it’s only a matter of time. With some additional production on this one handled by Kellbender, “YOU.F.O.” is a frontrunner for the smash of the summer. And to be perfectly honest these bros will keep dropping high-quality waves until the wheels fall off.

In these shots, directed by Taylor Bonin and edited by Christina Bryson, you see our protagonists in all white and that fucking jacket that can’t really be described without seeing it. The duo runs throughout a number of settings, all while their wondrous vocals paint the sky. You can hear aggression, hurt, and yearning in their deliveries, even though they’re so drastically different. This is the new face of alternative pop music, but you can’t even categorize what they’re doing. It’s a melding of everything you know and love but with a super weird, yet really fucking cool name. The world would gladly call for another project from the Kims, but either way, they’re dropping some shit on our headtops, so peep this gas above.


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