5 Songs That Don’t Smell Like Badussy


The game has changed ever so vastly and we are one of those true sites that remains authentic. Yes, you can bitch and moan about these past writers who have tainted our rep, but they’re not here now. I am and that’s all you should really worry about. The team keeps things light, but we reside in a realm of quality as opposed to nonsense the other chodes push. I look at all of the music we’ve been early on over the years and it’s truly astounding, so with that being said I bring you great news. I’ve sifted through the bullshit once again to gift you, 5 Songs That Don’t Smell Like Badussy.

Khi Infinite – Take What You Need

Khi is a VA representative and he has made leaps and bounds with his music over the years. Now, we’ve arrived at his latest effort Take What You Need and the world should hold onto their seats because this one is going to blow them away. In just ten songs, we hear the diverse dichotomy of Khi and how he processes his vast emotions. “Love For Yah” won a lot of people over, but it’s songs like “Answers” and “Deep End” that strike a personal chord with me. I think Khi is going to have a life-changing next 12 months, but until then get familiar with this genius above.

Church-Hill – Vinegar

Church is the quintessential pop star, but the only issue is that the world isn’t tapped in yet. His voice is incredible, the songwriting stands out from the pack and he seems to truly love this art he pushes. On “Vinegar” we hear his emotions protrude over brilliant guitar riffs. With a little bit of help from Half Moon Bay, this up-tempo slap will run rampant through the empty hallways in your head all day. Keep going cowboy, you got something special in your future.

Min.a – I take back what I said

Min.a‘s video for “I take what I said back” is a beautifully nightmarish reminder that love fucking hurts. Her gentle tone creeps up and down our spines, then catches us off guard when she unloads the waves of strong emotions. These visuals are really quite breathtaking, especially with the cinematic framing of it all. Min.a could be a huge name in a number of years because she has a unique approach that isn’t common these days. It’s real music that’s unapologetic for speaking its truth. So do yourself a favor and get hip to Min.a above.

Damien Styles – Generation Nothing

Damien is one of those kids that comes along once in a lifetime and you can feel his commitment to the art. He makes the music he wants to and “Generation Nothing” is a reminder of that. The passion pushed from the varietal of registers bleeds through in an other-worldly way. With reminiscent traits of Peep, Damien continues on his own respective path, more focused on making his own mark, rather than trivial comparisons. It’s really only a matter of time until something sticks, but until then, peep this shit above.

Jaybee Lamahj – Braids In The Summa (Short Film)

Jaybee is one of the most soulful artists from the city of Cincinnati and his newest short filmed entitled “Braids In The Summa” is a peaceful stroll through his mind. This double feature also shows Jaybee at the crib curating the visuals for his sultry wave “25”. He floats per usual over the production from Nascent and Coop The Kid. Featuring some assistance from Joness and production Amari Eman and NTRL WNDRS for the rest of the film, Lamahj reaches deep inside the deep crevices of our souls to keep us focused. You can relate to his pain and passion with this art and that’s why he’s keeps making it back on our pages. Tap in with Jaybee, you won’t be disappointed.



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