5 Songs That Go Great With Some Lucy


Music is a methodical blessing, gifting us whatever emotions they push through the auditory gates of our minds. It can soothe your head or absolutely destroy it from the other side of the coin. And there are few ears that are able to translate talent to the page. I’m one of those motherfuckers and my taste is exquisite. If I ever wrote about your work, it’s because I see and hear something special that has changed how I digest things.

We move so quickly throughout our years, yearning for a taste of nostalgia that will restore our inner peace, but we need to take more time with art. Rather than rushing to who’s dropping next, it’s an incredible disservice to just skim over something these people would quite literally die for. Art keeps them alive and it’s done the same for myself and millions of others across the globe, but the chase of a buck has distorted things.

Ye and Aubrey made great albums, but here’s a plot twist. I’d rather hear music from the rising artist as opposed to narcissistic billionaires. But hey if that’s just fucking me, that’s fine, but I’m gonna be playing the shit I want until I die. So without any further distractions or fat opinions, here are five songs that go great with some Lucy.

Devin Burgess – EVERLASTING

Devin is really a true student of music, but his talent has been overlooked for far too long. I wouldn’t consider this conscious rap, but I would say it’s quite introspective. Burgess is just trying to figure it all out like the rest of us. In these frames for “EVERLASTING” we hear this Ohio-native float over production from ovrkast. This is the first single off of the upcoming album entitled That’s Unfortunate, which will be Devin‘s finest work to date. Until that drop, peep this brilliance above.

Zzz. – Demon Time

Zzz. is an interesting case because this kid is doing numbers on TikTok with his incredibly catchy music. Now, it’s not the most complicated or intricate of sounds, but the simplistic melodic approach is working for the kid. “Demon Time” may be one of those phrases you’ve heard a bit much over the past two years, but this isn’t cringe shit. Zzz. utilizes some pain from a past relationship to fuel his talents this go-round. A very approachable cut, with a dash of attitude for the people. I think this kid is gonna make some noise, tap in above.

BoofPaxkMooky Featuring 1600J – Loser

Mooky and 1600J are two of the underground’s finest and “Loser” flaunts nothing but style and intoxicating bars. With production from Nerdcoke and Milanezie, the scene is definitely minimalistic, but the high guides the way. A tough critic may look at this as lazy rap, but nobody wants that lyrical bullshit all the time. This is that lifestyle music that you unwind with and get in your zone. We’re big Mooky fans at Chiefers, so peep this gas above.

Na-Kel Smith – RacecarStuntman

Racecar Stuntman is the latest personality from Nak, but his sound is so out of left-field, it entices our ears from start to finish. In just five brief songs, you hear a creative resurrection disregarding a traditional attempt at music and throwing it by the wayside. “PrettyReefStyle” pays homage to fellow skateboarder Shareef Grady, and curates an intense set of energy. “HellHole” and “TopRope” also catch us off guard with their shining attributes. Don’t overthink this one, just shut the fuck up and enjoy.

Tommy Richman – Chrono Trigger

Last but not least is Tommy Richman‘s new single “Chrono Trigger”. This Virgian has a sound yet to be reproduced by the masses because only he can make it work. His voice is unique and it melds incredibly well with the timeless production. A shining opal in the rough atmosphere, standing out with his honest story. His production escapes from modern pressure and runs into a field of uniqueness. Tommy is going to be a star and you know where you learned this first.


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