Ace Hashimoto Gets Funky with Grammy Winner Thundercat on “VAPORWAVES”


I’ve been waiting for the next song that I would be able to calm my growing appetite for tasteful R&B, and “VAPORWAVES” is that. Ace Hashimoto gives us a stylish record that has some outstanding vocal deliveries and some addicting melodies. Lyrically, he struggles with the idea of Pershing and the existential dread that comes with living. With heavy lyrics like “You wouldn’t want a God appearing in them skies. A God that pray and still live none-the-wise.” it’s easy to feel the emotions that Ace was feeling during the writing process. 

Nonetheless, there is a feature from Grammy-winning musician Thundercat! He gives us some sweet falsettos and plays with the themes of not knowing the origins of life. This is an excellent addition to the track and shows how talented Ace is, working with such high-level talent. Make sure you hear this one before it’s too late! 


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