Acquaint Yourself With Los Angeles’ Latest R&B Sensation, Kay Franklin


If you know where to look and who to listen to, it will all work out. Instead of dragging our heads in these troublesome times we have to wander til reaching something fresh and full of brilliance. That’s a pretty solid way of describing Kay Franklin and his unique artistry.

This guy is fresh out of Los Angeles and he provides us with some lush varietals of sound to fill our stagnant days. The cut “Greenlight” with Keenan The First is what really stood out to me to begin. The energy is high and the opus is full of fan intoxicating waves, while still showcasing that Franklin can truly croon. Kay and Keenan trade vocal attacks, all atop vibrant, synthetic production making for a true potential smash. What is also quite impressive is Kay’s breathe control to gift the listener a smooth, unpressured delivery.

Then delving deeper into this guy’s Youtube, we see some DIY visual edits atop his beautiful soulful tunes. “I Want Love, But” is a funky, bass-driven song with a heavy vitality and some wondrous vocal layering. Kay is a real musician with precise cadences to already add to his range and songwriting ability.

Kay hasn’t uploaded anything in eight-plus months, but he drops teasers on Twitter quite often. What we’ve heard as of late, sounds like a completely other side to Franklin, a more matured and refined sound as to what he’s already put out. Instead of judging snippets, we can feed the fix with this brilliant visualization of his cut “Cloud Surf”. Featuring production from Esta, an underground percussive legend, Kay takes us through his headspace, into a smokey world of prolific auditory runs.

You can’t listen to all of this work and miss out on the scintillating majesty. This kid is going to blow up in the next few months and you can take our word on it. Acquaint yourself with Kay Franklin, signing off from the clouds, Brick sends his love.


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