Acquaint Yourself with Miami Artist Sainvil and His Infectious Single, “Shoulders”


When it comes to the dirty south, Miami is one of the leaders of the new school. Cities such as Brickell, Wynwood and South Beach have turned into an actually “scene,” and artists like Sainvil are starting to breakthrough the new scene that is Miami.

Sainvil, unlike most, is a breathe of fresh air. His lyricism is one of the best in the entire state of Florida, using longevity as his secret weapon against the competition. Although he’s relatively unknown, Sainvil is seriously one of the best kept secrets in all of music, not just Miami. His song “Shoulders” is a story of pain and perseverance, a story that most people can relate to, showcasing his humility that you just don’t see from most artists these days. But then again, Sainvil is a one-of-a-kind. You’ll see very soon.

Tap in with the young Miami-born talent, and watch his visual for “Shoulders” below. You won’t be disappointed.


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