Undiscovered Gems: Acquaint Yourself With St. Louis Star In The Making Whit And His Cut, “Pick Me Up”


This is very calm mood for your Sunday morning and it’s brought to you by Whit. This is my first encounter with this young man’s music, but we are thoroughly impressed. “Pick Me Up” digs a stellar pocket as far as instrumentation goes, then Whit paints vivid pictures across the sky.

Stoic was behind the beat, layering the memorable piano chords for the vocals to glide over. The delivery is poignant and Whit. makes sure his views are expressed, not seeking a race war, but seeking equality that has skipped over his people. This is true art because of the honest expression of pain. This culture has been pushed and prodded and the world expects for nothing to happen in terms of retribution. The vocal translation over this set of percussion should make it a bit easier to understand, that all are created equal and should be cherished as such. Thank you to Whit. for blessing our ears and tap into this gas below.


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