Acquaint Yourself With Yurms And His Recent Cut Featuring Ericdoa Called “Two”


Photo by Dandecat.

Sometimes when you’re looking for a solid song to write about, there are days when you don’t find anything that excites you. But alas, today is not one of those days because Yurms dropped off some gas to refresh your pallet. Yeah, we know this came out about a month ago, but we’re here to highlight the talent, regardless of whether it was dropped yesterday or whenever. Yurms takes this vivid production provided by Rio Leyva and Damon Vitucci and turns it on its head.

His chorus will be seared into your brain because of how damn catchy it is atop this colorful beat. There might be a bit of auto-tune, but it’s only to enhance the cohesive package. Then Neilaworld member, Ericdoa finishes things out with a solid guest feature. Their tones accent each part causing ones ear to fiend for another collaboration. We’re thoroughly impressed with Yurms and talents, so until the next wave, tap into the stash below.


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