Ajna Releases Uptempo New Single “Just a Man”


Westside LA native, Ajna, recently came out with his latest single “Just a Man”. The self produced, written, and performed track touches on Ajna’s struggles opening up as a man and attempting to communicate his emotions through anything but his music in an age where men are taught to withhold their emotions. Ajna, coming off momentum from his latest single “Protect Me” is now rolling out his upcoming sophomore album “Lifelines” set to drop this May, and this track has definitely set the tone for what is anticipated to be a strong project. 

The track opens with a soothing soul sample, and Ajna coming in with his nonchalant flow effortlessly gliding on the beat, as he takes us along discussing his uncertainty regarding his future and the loss of a loved one. The second verse then comes in a beat switch, and completely juxtaposes the first as Ajna comes in with hard hitting flows and delivery filled with bravado essentially shielding himself from his emotions as most men do. This track has definitely been a stand out from the budding artist and make sure to give it a listen below.


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