Akimbo4s Blends Future And Nostalgia In New Video For “Gib Galore”


San Francisco-based artist, Akimbo4s, just came out with the music video for his latest single “Gib Galore” and the energy on it carries any listener to a good time. The upbeat production reminiscent of a mid90s coming of age film paired with his modern-day flows and nostalgic visuals makes for a really special track and a refreshing listen. 

The top youtube comment truly describes this sound perfectly, ethereal. It has a euphoric aura surrounding it and Akimbo4s is definitely tapping into something special with this newfound genre. He’s been cementing this sound with every drop and seems to be falling right into place with this one, make sure to check out the new single and keep an eye out for any new music from the budding artist.


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