Ant Saunders Delivers His Magnificent New EP Entitled “BUBBLE”


Ant Saunders is a New Jersey artist, who’s new EP Bubble truly showcases the variety of talents this young kid possesses. In just six tracks we hear shades of different genres, all accompanied by Saunders rich vocals. You may be hip to this kid because of his viral cut from Tik Tok, “Yellow Hearts”. Though, past all of the gimmicks that one may think come along with an opus like this, Ant dropped a solid set of tunes.

“Pedestrian” started things off with moving melodies and an energetic set of percussion. It’s a fun-loving record to set the tone. Cuts like “It’s Over” are the true chances for the listener to fall in love with Ant’s unwavering range. “U know it’s real” is a solid R&B track with acoustic chords atop Saunder’s early 2000’s-inspired crooning.

We like what this kid is dropping, he’s trying to formulate a catalog to show the different waves. We have a strange feeling that this won’t be the last we hear from Ant Saunders, tap in below.


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