Undiscovered Gems: Arizona’s Jaxx Links With DanielJordanK On The Insane Visuals For “Like This!”


Arizona is a hotbed of talent that has been overlooked up until now. We covered Tuxx a few days ago and now we’re here to tell you about another rising star that goes by the name of Jaxx. Yes, the names are similar, but their tones are unique to the core. In these frames directed by DanielJordanK, we see this young crooner climb the mountainside, while battling what seems like a hallucinating attack. Though, Jaxx doesn’t fret, his slightly pitch-corrected sound pulls through with an exuberant amount of confidence.

The melodically-driven, modern take on rap is what the kids thrive on nowadays, but this is undeniably catchy. The energy that this creates is what draws you in and then you set your eyes on the video. DJK is known for his magnificent drone aerial shots, along with the masterful landscapes he decides to capture. Director of photography, CQ and video effect specialist, Tommy Bauer, also put their respective foot in this thing. A truly wondrous effort of work from all sides of play. Good shit Jaxx, peep this kid’s art below.


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