Arizona’s Tuxx Drops Off His Incredibly Catchy New Single Entitled “Get High”


It seems as if every week, Internet Money pulls a new kid out of nowhere to showcase their talents on a pretty big stage. This time around we’re seeing the talents of Tuxx and his new cut “Get High” is the beginning of his introduction to the world. With production from Rio Leyva, Cxdy and Nick Mira, these sweets acoustic chords are a serene backdrop for Tuxx‘s vocals.

The infectious bounce that is created will tug at the adolescent heart strings, while this youngin’s vocals send it all home. Say what you may about this rising label, but they truly develop these acts into something great. Tuxx is unique and has an immense amount of potential, gifting his fans fun with each track. We have a strange feeling this kid is gonna be around for a while, until the next peep the gas below.


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