Artemas’s “High 4 U” Is Pure Pop Magic

LA-based singer/songwriter Artemas seemingly came out of nowhere and took 2020 by storm. “High 4 U,” his latest track, is the latest in a string of four singles that have introduced the world to this pop phenom and his ridiculously inventive songwriting.

All of Artemas‘ singles have carried that particular strain of LA breeziness, but this latest one is the darkest of the bunch, and, for my money, definitely the most compelling. The production is sparse and tasteful, and it all builds slowly for a shattering crescendo that ends the track. His voice is spectacular to boot; he can dig in to the low end of his range just as well as he can hit those lines of falsetto that pepper the song. This is one to remember. Listen to “High 4 U” down below.


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