Artist Discovery: An Interview With Egovert


Remember that youthful energy you felt when you first heard Lil Uzi’s verse on DJ Carnage’s WDYW? I felt that similar energy the first time I heard Egovert’s music. A friend had sent me the Soundcloud link to his track, Boyband, and I couldn’t help but go crazy. After going through his discography, we had to link up with vert to discuss influences and whats next!

DailyChiefers: Where are you from?

Egovert: I don’t really have a hometown. Growing up I moved around a lot and never really stayed in one place more than a few years. But right now I’m situated right outside D.C in Northern Virginia.

DailyChiefers: First time I heard of you was after you dropped Boyband, how did that track come together?

Egovert: Boyband was recorded during my 10 day suspension from high school my senior year. I was pissed as fuck that I got caught up with Xanax at school and I ain’t have anything else to do at home so I was like fuck it and started looking for beats to record over. When I first heard the beat for Boyband I knew that shit would be a hit. I wrote the song within the next 20-30 mins and then sent it to my engineer, and we dropped it. Even though it is a song intended to make you wanna turn up, I’m spitting the story behind a lot of the shit that was happening in my life during that time period, including my crippling Xanax addiction and my overall frustration with all the bullshit I was getting myself into, and it seemed to fly over most peoples’ heads. It’s whatever though, because that song goes crazy. On a much more serious note, I have a lot more real life stories to tell and this is the only way I know how to do it.

DailyChiefers: Who are some of your influences?

Egovert: I have few influences in my life. Van Gogh is one of my biggest influences though because he didn’t give a fuck and he was willing to die for his art. He was a tortured genius. I mean that man cut off his own fucking ear…when I recorded my song “Van Gogh” I named it after him because I had a gaping knife wound on my ear while recording it. I try to live by a philosophy of trusting my gut and not giving a fuck and I think Van Gogh really represented that ideology. But then again, I’m probably batshit crazy too.

Musically speaking though before I really got into rap music I was super into classic rock music. Pink Floyd was my favorite band at the time, I still think they make beautiful music. The way they are able to put sounds together and make psychedelic eargasms is kind of what I’m hoping to achieve with my “Psychedelic Trap” genre of music. When I got a little older I started delving heavily into taking psychedelics and the experiences I had on LSD, shrooms, and DMT kind of created the vision I had which ended up becoming psychedelic trap. I used to take a shit ton of acid and have probably tripped upwards of 150 times, so LSD as a drug has been a huge component of who I am today. I don’t really take any form of drugs or substances anymore, because I feel like I’ve kind of out-grown that “phase” of always wanting to be fucked up all the time. I don’t even smoke weed anymore because it makes me lazy and I have too many things I wanna accomplish. Every so often I do enjoy drinking wine or brown liquor though.

Some of my other musical influences include Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Joey Badass, XXXTentacion, Tyler the Creator, Chris Travis, Lil Peep, Green Day, and Drake.

DailyChiefers: Any collaborations your looking forward to?

Egovert: Yeah I got a few crazy collaborations on the way. I have music coming with Bobby Johnson & Flexatelli who are some of my favorite producers. And as always keep on the lookout for more music with Sensei Neo & Morteh who really share my Psychedelic Trap vision. Big shout out to my brother KIL. We always have music in the works. I literally live down the street from my main producer and engineer Neo and my frequent collaborator and partner in this music shit KIL, so we stay working every day.

DailyChiefers: You recently graduated high school, what effect do you think I that’s had on your music?

Egovert: Graduating high school didn’t really have a huge impact on me. I never fucking liked school, I’m glad it’s over with. Plus they kicked me out senior year and I finished most of my last school year through this online school program. It was pretty fucking lonely though and I never really left the house much, and it didn’t help that all my homies were at school. But that being said, I think that now that I’m graduated I have more time to focus on creating.

DailyChiefers: What’s next for you?

Egovert: I try not to talk about my future moves that much, but I will say that I have the official music video for Boyband coming next month and as always lots of crazy new music on the way. I have a lot of goals set and I’m itching to hit them. By 2019 I plan on having the biggest cult following of fans & supporters and then plan on taking over the world spreading my stories, my message, and my viewpoints to as many people as possible. I want to change the world and I don’t give a fuck how corny that sounds. I have a lot on my mind that I would love to speak about and once I have that big following I need, I will use it for good and try to help people that may be going through the same shit I did. Whether it be depression, anxiety, suicidal attempts and thoughts, friends dying and getting locked up, I’ve been through all of that shit and I wish I had someone during the worst times of my life that I could relate too. I love talking to my supporters and actively try and answer any DMs I get, and frequently encourage fans to use me as a resource to combat whatever issues they may be going through in life. Artists have a responsibility. I may not be the best role model in the world, but I don’t let my mistakes define me.

Listen to Egovert’s music below!


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