Artist Discovery: Kid Angel


Kid Angel, a young fresh influence from Rhode Island has been making waves lately with his visual releases of “Damaged,” taken off of his recently released EP Dead Boy, and now a hit single from the growing music protege “Roses”. Check out both projects here as Kid Angel plans on releasing more content soon.

With dark brooding lyrics, unique hard hitting production, and a rare ability to instantly paint vivid pictures to his listeners, Kid Angel A.K.A “DeadBoy” is making major noise in music with his newly released visuals for his singles “Damaged” and “Roses”. Both tracks portray different sides of Kid Angels perspective on losing loved ones, lost love and fighting life’s demons, while keeping his sanity.

“Roses” is another side of Kid Angels persona. He goes with a light, airy, and bouncy energy for this record while speaking on lost love and “the come up”. While the visual maintains a unique dope upbeat vibe speaking to his unique sound, Angel keeps his melodic alluring tone staying close to his individual and style.

“Damaged” in contrast to “Roses”, is a dark and mysterious track from the opening scenes that draws viewers and listers into the cruel world of “DeadBoy”. Using gritty guitar melodies, deep bass-lines, and menacing imagery Kid Angel also touches upon some melodic almost trance like tones in his voice to take his listeners into a deep soaring journey through the mind behind the music and the world around him.

Check out more music by Kid Angel below..


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