Ayotemi Pairs With Foolie $urfin On “Letterman”


Photo by Willie.

This is a package of technicolor bliss and pure emotion. Ayotemi gifts the world a wonderful wave called “Letterman” which features the poignant production from Foolie $urfin. The vocals showcase Anthony Hamilton-esque styling when his vocal runs pirouette through the air. It’s almost as if the imperfection in his voice is what draws the listener in even more.

This is also not the conventional style coming out of the DMV area, but being from Laurel, Maryland, Temi possesses a very approachable sound. This is real music to live with, as opposed to a release that will get washed away in the streams. “Letterman” makes you feel something, a warm embrace of auditory proportions. Overall this man won some new fans over today, so do yourself a favor and stream it all below.


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