Baby Keem Doubles Down on His Ridiculous Year With His Vibrant New Video For “Orange Soda”


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 10-months, or you just don’t pay attention to Hip-Hop, then you’ve come across the name, Baby Keem. The craziest part about it is, it may not have even been from your pretentious music friend. Keem has brilliantly crossed over to the mainstream market, without necessarily being mainstream. He’s the artist you can hear being played on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram story, your drug dealing friend’s snapchat, an episode of Ballers and everything in between–all without touching the radio. The song that helped this all come to fold? “Orange Soda,” and the rising star is back with an engaging new video for it.

Directed by Dave Free, one half of The Little Homies legendary creative group, “Orange Soda,” falls right in line, creatively, with the shorthand of videos already released by Keem. Sticking to the narrative of him being the black Casanova, Keem spends most of this video surrounded by pretty women, seemingly serving as the leader of an all-girl gang responsible for various shenanigans happening around the city. Utilizing his infectious vocal tone and original cadence, Keem spends the record getting off, lyrically, providing witty lines such as, “I hate a bit*h that I can’t impress. When you come see the crib, you better die, hoe,” over the distinguishing production.

Check out the video for, “Orange Soda” above and join the rest of us on the Baby Keem bandwagon.


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