Baltimore’s Yg Teck Continues to Grow on His New Album, “Undeniable”


“That humble shit ain’t working I had to show another side of me” Yg Teck announces on standout track “Covered in Diamonds”, off his excellent new album Undeniable. Baltimore’s finest is back with another load of braggadocious street tales that are determined to put a battery in your back for the new year. His sole purpose is to make sure his tenacity is felt in hopes that listeners get off their couch and match his drive.

Like an athlete entering his sophomore season, the game has slowed down for Teck and has allowed all his lines to come off as effortless as a Lamar Jackson juke. Whether he’s bragging about running up his backends or letting listeners into his mournful mind, his exuberant personality shines over heavy drums and somber piano keys. Even when he shares the stage with well known industry rappers Pooh Shiesty and Jackboy, Teck doesn’t take a back seat and is able to stand on equal ground with them.

Teck never forgets his roots and brings rising rappers from his hometown up with him such as Young Moose, Roddy Rackzz and TheRealBlack. Together they describe Baltimore’s streets with the grimy details that don’t make for pleasant portrayals. They’re angry that they even had to climb up from the bottom. Knowing that they deserved to be on top, so all of their flexes and stories have a little extra umph in them. Undeniable is a showcase for the immense amount of talent that Baltimore has to offer. Yg Teck is letting us know early that the city is in for a big year so tap in below, you won’t regret it.


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