BangBangSg and EST Gee Provides With “Catch A Body”


With so much talent continuing to come out of Philly over the past ten years, it makes sense why BangBangSg could soon be the next face of Hip Hop. Linking up with popping artist EST Gee to make this track “Catch A Body”, they work together perfectly. Already having a loyal fan base in his city, this song is going to put him into a whole new league.

With the song being such a hit it only makes sense to make a video for it. Having Dev Kamera direct this one we get to see where BangBangSg comes from, giving off this authenticity in his image. Being a modern street artist the way that he raps over this beat produced by Forever Rolling seems effortless while also being at an extremely high level of skill. BangBangSg came through with this record, tap in now so you don’t miss what he has next.


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