Bazio Returns With The Brilliant “Blur”


Bazio is back on our pages with his magnificent new single called “Blur”. Aside from being one of the most consistent artists I’ve come across outside of the rap realm, this young man truly puts on a show every time he drops. The moods he conveyed with “Mad” and “Gasoline” were some of my favorites over the last 12 months.

“Blur” is just that, a brief moment of synthesized emotions paired with gentle vocals. Though just because they’re gentle doesn’t mean they aren’t filled with heavy feeling. His vulnerability with the pen and his voice alike showcase he’s willing to bleed out all of this passion onto any auditory canvas.

The layering of this cornucopia of diverse riffs from the guitar and Bazio‘s God-given voice-box makes for an escape from reality for two minutes and fifty seven seconds. This young man continues to blow me away with each release, so don’t be late to the party, peep the gas below.


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