BEAR1BOSS Eccentricity Oozes on his SS&EN EP


BEAR1BOSS is a character with his over-the-top style and cadences. There’s no getting around the fact he’s one of a kind. On SS&EN EP, this is in full effect showing how rambunctious he can get with his often auto-tuned vocals. Each track on this record shows a different part of his personality and his stylistic influences. Records like “Krazy Surf” and “I Got” are some of the zanier cuts where his vocal inflection makes for some of the most unique in the game. 

My favorite cuts are “FIESTY” and “Molly, Gas & Lean” I feel these are the most cohesive tracks. Showing his creativity has no bounds and can be executed in a catchy song structure. BEAR1BOSS marches to the beat of his own drum and is someone that you want to get acquainted with. 


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