Bernard Jabs Unveils His New Project “God Save The Rebel”


Jabs is on the brink of becoming a superstar. He already possesses incredible energy and with each release it seems as if he’s one step closer to his goals. With these nine, new cuts from the Tifton titan, we hear hunger in Jabs voice that we haven’t heard before.

Songs like “Wasabi 2” and “Pressure” are both heavy anthem cuts that will take over the streams. Whether he’s making a melodic wave or dropping a straight, no-frills set of bars we believe what Bernard is preaching. God Save The Rebel has an unapologetic attitude, almost as if this kid is taking what’s rightfully his.

“Cancer” is a moving cut from this project speaking on love that’s toxic and not right for the young rapper’s conscious. All of the instrumentation is brilliant and showcases each side of Jabs talents. From Charlie Shuffler, Thislandis, SIDEPCE, Ryan Bevolo to Nick Mira and Johntaae, there’s an abundance of talent from behind the boards. We love what Bernard and his team are doing, so best believe that 2020 will be very prosperous for this young man.


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