Big Yavo’s Continues To Apply Pressure With His New Track “OVO”


As I’ve been trying to tell everyone through these articles, Big Yavo continues to prove that he’s the face of Alabama street rap. Yavo‘s formula is simple yet dominant: shoot a super clean video with Niles Bryant. Hop on a beat from one of four producers; for this song, it’s TAV, and deliver hard punchlines with clever wordplay.

Result: 200k views on Youtube in a day. However, as straightforward as this recipe is, each aspect of it improves drastically from song to song. The visual for “OVO” is easily one of Niles‘ best and shows that the 21-year-old cameraman has some of the best run and gun videos out right now. TAV‘s beats continue to elaborate on the distinctive ‘Bama drum foundation with creative and catchy melodies.

Check out “OVO” below.



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