Black Excellence Behind The Scenes Vol. 1 : Darius Martin And iAmBeU


The complexities of any sought-after industry are not only hard to navigate for the entry-level youngster but just as difficult for any person with a moral code. The game is rampant with scammers, thieves, and just talking profile pictures on the internet. Those with real experience and knowledge on how to break and sustain an artist’s career are few and far between. In our new series called Black Excellence Behind The Scenes, we want to highlight those who we admire and strive to play the game in the right way.

This week it’s the case of Darius Martin, a 25-year-old entrepreneur from Texas. This young man is the founder and CEO of the creative agency, iAmBeU. Essentially his mission statement is to provide small businesses and creatives the tools that need to succeed all under one roof. Today iAmBeU has worked on over 100+ projects, with names such as Lil Yachty, Karlae, LouieRay, EarlOnThaBeat, Draftday, Duke Deuce, St. Jude Hospital, Exotic Pop, Grailed, Spotify, and more. Ranging from vlogs for artists, music video treatments, marketing campaigns, creative assets, websites, commercials, merchandise, and community events, it seems as iAmBeU‘s skill-set is quite diverse.

Martin is also in the process of developing an app to market all of his services, enabling the company to be right at people’s fingertips. Accessibility is a huge part of this game and it truly goes hand in hand with good business practices. If Martin can maintain the quality of work and his reputation alike, this young man should have a piece of the pie for as long as he desires. A one-stop shop for the new creative is a brilliant idea, but Martin is taking the steps to execute every day.

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