Blvck Svm Unveils His Stellar EP With Sebastian Kamae Titled “fiftypercentgratuity”


Svm is one of those artists that I wouldn’t typically gravitate towards. His beat selection definitely resides in a more traditional lane, but the way this young man paints settings in your mind is astounding. I said this a few articles ago, the pockets he curates are Remble-like but just as powerful in another respective realm. The quiet confidence that brims from his pen and vocals command attention from start to finish.

In just five songs, he’s continuing the run that Svm has been on since the beginning of the pandemic. With all of the production on here handled by Sebastian Kamae, we are witnessing a duo cook, one that’s just as powerful as any young minds combining their talents in the current ecosystem of rap.

Each of these titles “langostino”, “togarashi”, “chimichurri”, “otoro” and “risotto” exude an elegance that isn’t found in other styles of music. It’s still boasting a certain level of opulence and luxury but doesn’t have to go out of its way to impress. Svm makes words do leaps and bounds, quietly melding with the subtle percussive elements. And it’s even more impressive that Svm is putting these numbers up with just the help of his team and distribution.

“Otoro” is the stand-out hit to me, accompanied by a stellar feature from Chow Mane, but none of these tracks disappoint or lose any momentum for the project. Fluid cohesion, introspection, and wordplay that will have you thinking about what he really meant for weeks after the first listen. Those aren’t bad traits for a rising wordsmith, and it’s only a matter of time before the world is really hip to this man’s greatness. Do yourself a favor and peep this gas below.


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