Borges And Jesse Lucas Tap In For The Mellow Wave “Dirty Laundry”


Borges and Jesse Lucas tap in for essentially a mellow, double feature called “Dirty Laundry”. The mood is in the pocket, but this duo extracts a feeling that will translate to a number of ears quite well. Borges has been on our pages before and anytime he drops off some music, the world should make the time to listen.

This is the first time I’ve encountered Jesse as well, but his confidence brims from the beginning of his croons. In a way, this is a slightly pimpish song, but still attracts a vast grouping of listeners. It’s very easy to digest and instead of being overtly corny like a good portion of the music today, this one feels genuine and not forced. The fans want you to be honest with your lyrics and your music in general, so why not gift them what they want.

The second half of the song transfers into some island-inspired percussion, adding some additional zest. Overall, this one is a solid set of sounds, so peep the gas below.


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