Boston’s Mulah Mitch Is Making Serious Noise With His Visuals For “Sidestreet”


Shout to Jeremy and the good folks at Steady Leanin for running this up on the timeline because this is some art that was severely overlooked. Boston rappers know they’re the underdogs, but from Stizz, to Michael Christmas, Van Buren and now Mulah Mitch, the city knows there’s something in the water. It might be the hypnotizing and commanding synth pattern provided by Max Dollas or Mitch‘s rugged tone, either way this combination is unmatched.

Shot by FNSFilms we see our protagonist in his environment delivering his scripture for the world to drink in. The energy that we hear and see is what attracts us to it. In a year full of tumultuous nonsense, a strong attitude and a dose of resilience can take you a long way. Tap in with Mulah Mitch below, he’s gonna be around for a while.


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