Emerging Crooner, Brandon, Is Back With A New Visual For “Weep”


Brandon is one of my favorite artists emerging right now. His hypnotizing voice is bound to make fans across the globe take a moment to reflect and slow down. It takes a lot of talent to transfer emotion in the way he does, making it almost impossible to not empathize with him.

“Weep” is this kid’s latest, and it’s everything one of his fans could hope for. His voice is beautiful and his lyrics are powerful. He’s got a message with every track he drops and this attention to detail is sure to carry him far in the long term. This new Justin Segura-directed visual is a fresh take on the idea of a bedroom concert. This intimate opportunity to share music is a lot more personal for listeners. He’s continued to excel with his craft, never showing indication of any negative change. If this is what Brandon sounds like at the beginning of his journey, I can’t imagine what he’ll sound like with more time and experience. Stop what you’re doing and watch this shit, you’ll thank us later.


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