BreezePark Sets A Tone w/ Cinematic New Visual For “Planet Park”


BreezePark has got something to say! The four man Virginia collective isn’t new to producing high quality releases, but their latest visual for “Planet Park” is really from a whole different… well… planet. As each member starts their journey in a different setting, the David Kithcart III-directed visual displays each artists’ unique style and delivery that really sets the group apart. A truly cinematic experience, the group has donned their own space suits to give the flick an extra-special “otherworldly” feel, and it gets the job done. As the video nears its conclusion, we finally get the delight of all four members united as they head off to the hangar to begin their next journey. This is definitely a statement video, and that statement is heard loud and clear! Do yourself a favor and check out “Planet Park” above.


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