Brooklyn Emcee Ché Delivers Heartfelt Debut Self-Titled LP


Rounding out the summer with his debut LP, New York based artist, Ché, has cemented himself as an artist to watch with his self-titled album that just released last week. After an impressive rollout consisting of the lead singles APRIL 16th, SAMSARA, and FORGET ME NOT, this project finds Ché in a new environment discarding the vagueness and complex storytelling of his previous mixtape, instead wearing his heart on his sleeve sharing his honest self.

With CHÉ, the Brooklyn emcee returns with a personal artistic renaissance, brimming with beautiful and lush instrumentals, stunning and surprising vocals, and a much more refined lyrical ability. A pivotal moment in his young career, Ché has shown he is a force to be reckoned with. Make sure to check out the full album below.


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