Building The Buzz: Some Of The Greatest Snippets Over The Last Few Years


A lot of people don’t know how to properly express their emotions and ideals when it comes to music. You must have a diverse pallet, but understand regional styles and how they’re digested. Though when it comes to the concepts of “snippets” all talents of the ear are ignored and the people decide the level of demand for the final product.

In the abundant smoke that floats over my 2015 Macbook Pro, I found a solid topic for a piece that will get some people talking. Now, with that being said I’m going to miss shit, we all miss shit and that’s just how it is. Though, I do think this one is pretty well thought out considering the ample amount music flooding our ears. Without any further distractions, Daily Chiefers presents some of the greatest snippets of the past few years.


Uzi is the reigning champ of the snippet because until Eternal Atake dropped this guy had the entire world in the palm of his hand. Then on top of all of that madness, he’s dropped three top-tier snippets turned that turned into smashes. Regardless of the critic’s opinions, the numbers that these three songs ended up doing were astronomical. “Myron” is a personal favorite of the three, but each had a viral moment that was special for Uzi’s legacy.


Now I got a little back story as to who was initially supposed to leak this song, but we’ll save that for another day. This one may go down as the greatest unreleased song of all time. The beat was obviously a huge factor in the madness and that’s just what Pi’erre does. A top the percussion, Nudy sets the scene in his usual ruckus manner that only his true fans will really appreciate. It’s disappointing Nudy doesn’t get as much credit for his contribution to the song, but it’s hard to outshine Carti in this day and age. Aside from the schematics of the record, the feeling is what changed the world making “Pissy Pamper” a true undeniable smash.


D Savage is a underground legend who gets overlooked for a lot of his work. And in the earlier days he was one of the favorites to be up there with Carti, Uno and Fauni. Things have changed up a bit, but his music still lives on feeding his fan base what they yearn for. You do have to respect the amount of hype built from just this one teenage kid sitting in his car blasting an unreleased song. This set the forefront for the majority of the rap world previewing cuts from their vaults from the drivers seat. “I Know 2” is a milestone in D Savage’s career, but he’s still got plenty of gas left in the tank.


Pop was a once in a lifetime artist who was taken way too soon. His voice bellowed through out our speakers and curated a intense energy to whoever lent an ear. In the midst of his rise this soldier gifted us some madness and “Dior” was a beautiful thing to witness. The uncut, raw energy in the room, only heightened by the red-vision, can never be recreated. The sheer confidence that Pop had delivering his bars, he knew “Dior” was outta here. May the legend rest in peace and we’ll never forget the woo!


Drake is Rolling Stones level now and he’s practically god to a lot of these kids who digest his waves every day. You can’t deny the talent and the commitment to greatness, added to a catalog that could play throughout your day. “God’s Plan” was leaked at the AnimalXHouse’s 3rd Shift (who is ran by Jordi, Will, Dessy, Tav and Kolby) New Years Eve Party and the muffled audio drove the world to the brink of madness. We have never seen the public force an artists hand that intensely to the point where they have to drop the song. AXH is to thank for the chaos that ensued and they cemented themselves into the history books.


Bobby is supposed to get out in December and the world will be ecstatic to welcome him home. With him and Rowdy back at the helms of New York rap, I don’t think it will take a while to adjust. The current electricity and cadence that spews from the Burroughs is what Bobby was doing before he was wrongly accused of his crimes. It won’t be much of a transition to float over drill production, and who knows these two could have figured out how to record on the inside. “Bobby Bitch” showed the world a talent unlike anything ever before and that’s why we remember the clip


If you’re an aspiring musician, producer, A&R, writer or work in any music related field, it’s truly amazing to see artists cook up in their environments. With “Skyfall” we saw a full four-minute clip essentially organizing the madness that ruins through Metro’s head all day. From Travis yelling at the engineer, to the moment the drums mesh perfectly with his drafted chorus, this clip is special for industry heads and fans alike. We didn’t even know that Thug was going to be on the record until the release adding a pristine cherry on top.


Whether you see Kodak as a Florida legend or not, he’s behind some timeless music that speaks to the streets. Personally I wasn’t a huge fan of this finished song, but the six-second clip where everyone jigs in unison is wild. This struck the curiosity of fans of both Travis and Kodak making them wonder what it will all sound like in the end. When released it did stellar numbers, but didn’t stick as long as some of the others on this list. None the less, this was a huge snippet that went viral all over the internet.


Rounding out this brief list is Smokepurpp’s breakout hit “Audi.” Building his potential energy to flow into kinetic, Purpp dropped off a incredibly catchy cadence in between the devastating distortion in the air. This was really the start of his run, proving he could make music for the world to blast. Purpp still has a number of great years in front of him and I don’t even think he’s near his prime. Each album stays in his lane, but shows us another side to his wave. “Audi” was disgustingly good and changed this kids life for the better.

So there you have it, nine different instances where artists teased the world with their heat in the vault. This is digital marketing at it’s finest and is only enhanced in the world of Tik Tok, Triller and IG. The live feature allows for artists to connect with their listeners, but also it’s like a controlled focus group. Let your fans decide what the next drop is, or at least shape how you play the game. The arena is always changing, but with every passing day we have magical moments seared into the worldwide web. Peace, stay safe, abolish the police and smile because Brick loves you.




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