Buppy Pairs With Shy High For Their Bubbly New Cut “WTDWTS”


Buppy is one of those artists who basks in glorious simplicity. His newest cut “WTDWTS” is a bubbly, ball of energy with a little bit of help from Shy High. Essentially an ironed-out 420 anthem, that can be taken with us after the Holiday ends. The steady percussion sets the scene, building off the gentle synths.

Buppy starts things off and is followed by a gentle bridge breaking up the monotony. Shy falls through to drop off his respective sermon which doesn’t lose any momentum for this duo. I feel like this could be in the early Tony Hawk games, envisioning where you shred over the water fountain in the mall, all while “WTDWTS” blasts through your TV. We can all dream, but this cut will improve not only your mood but keeps things light during an arduous time for all of us.

Overall Buppy is making some stellar noise coming off of the release “Cold Nights In Hollywood”. With countless others in the chamber, it seems like this kid’s ceiling is essentially nonexistent. Get tapped into the gas below.


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