California Native City James Gives Every Coast the Stank Face With New Single “Longer” Featuring Matt Miggz


All we needed was a quick four-count at the beginning of this track by Matt Miggz and I would have felt like I had been time traveling back to 2001 in Virginia Beach with Pharrell and Chad Hugo. This song bangs. Packed full of hilarious one-liners, City James shows us that his sound bares no boundaries. He tells us in the first line “I can tell she from New York by how she talk to me” with no intro needed, he just gets straight into the hilarity.

Funny enough, this week he modeled in New York Fashion Week for LA-based brand Tombogo, so now he can say for sure now he knows how women in New York really talk. City James has fast-paced and comedic bars along with Matt Miggz lacing that addicting chorus, which perfectly encapsulates what it feels to lean back in the front seat of your Grandpa’s 2004 Mercedes Benz S-Class embarrassed because he’s trying to mack on girls half his age at the gas station. The laid-back early 2000s style beat mixed with the modern cadence is what keeps me listening. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did.



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