Cashcache! Continues His Saga With “I Love Cashcache 3”


Cashcashe! continues his impressive saga with the third installment I Love Cashcache 3. The production game is so oversaturated with so many kids trying to replicate what Cashcache! helped create. Plug beats. Having such a distinct sound plug beats are really timeless. Keeping the 2015-2017 SoundCloud nostalgia and sound while improving and tweaking it with every release, this project is a perfect example of that.

With features from some of his favorite artists 10kdunkin, Tony Shhnow, and BoofPaxkMooky just to name a few, every time Cash links with them you know they’ll create something special. Providing 23 tracks there is so much to listen to but one of the many tracks that stood out to me was “Always Sunny!” with Serane. As soon as Serane came over the beat I was shocked. Including the underground French-speaking rapper on this project puts it to the next level. No one in all of rap is doing that, Cash is truly breaking barriers and laying the ground for the next generation of producers. With that being said this project is so important to the underground and came out at the perfect time. Cashcache! is timeless.


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