Cashcache! Reveals He’s Being Wrongly Sued for Copyright Issues


Earlier this week, Atlanta producer Cashcache! released a statement via GoFundMe claiming that someone (who he chose not to name for his own safety) is threatening to sue him and his family for copyright violations. Cashcache! maintains that all of his songs are his own and that he never engaged in any foul play.

Despite this, the person’s threats have resulted in his collaborative project with Serane and Luh Da Sound being pulled from streaming platforms, as well as other singles, and the producer being dropped from his label.

In his statement, the producer said:

“I am asking for your help to protect my music career. This person has blatantly abused every system he could to ruin my life, and I’ve wanted to quit so many times but I’ve come too far. I’m asking for any donations that you could make that would help me in obtaining a lawyer to fight this in court! Something has to be done, I can’t sit and let this happen any longer.”

We ask you to please consider donating to his campaign by clicking this link. Support now.


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