Cedric Brazle Drops “Rush”


Cedric Brazle‘s superpower is the devil he puts in the details. His first single off his upcoming EP, Product Of Lovewas a somber admission of his flaws as a lover. Cedric‘s breathy, sodden vocals feel omnipresent in their fear, a boundless threat of being unavailable in a relationship. Pitched-down background vocals with crisp keys reinforce the distance between them as a finished product but the slow unraveling of his fear of being enough.

His new single, “Rush”, encloses the space in a sensuous smolder. From asking for patience to lilting, “Pack light, we have a way to go/ time waits for no man,” his vocals here are suffocating and convincing. He wants the thrill that comes with seduction and the satisfaction it brings. He initiates the tension while offering its release, highlighted by scattering an electric guitar that pops in and out at the height of the suspense, as sultry guitar riffs with a delicate drum pattern meander around Cedric‘s voice, dictating the pace. Detailed to perfection as if a skilled seamstress, “Rush” is delicate and warm. Furthering the affirmation of skin-to-skin contact and the confidence it brings.


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