Championxiii Shines Bright on His New “Crystal Lake” EP


TikTok is probably new to you, but it’s changing lives everyday, in the best way possible. TikTok is an App that sort of reminds me of Vine, an app that allows your personality to stick out. Enter Springfield rapper, Championxiii.

He recently saw success on TikTok and other social media platforms with his “rappers be like” series, along with his viral smash, “Becky.” Since then, Championxiii has been building a loyal fan base with consistent drops on Spotify and Apple Music, including his most recent EP, Crystal Lake. His standout records “Hahaha” and “Off-White & Visas” are the obvious focus records, but both hold a totally different vibe. On “Hahaha,” the instrumental is dark and scary, and is something that you wouldn’t expect from Champion in the best way possible. “Off-White & Visas” is something out of Wiz Khalifa’s Star Power world, very spacey and airy. No telling when Champion plans on releasing a full-length LP, but we’ll keep you on the line. Check out Crystal Lake below.


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