Charlieonnafriday Takes Us on a Journey With “On the Road”


Blossoming artist Charlieonnafriday takes us on a journey with his latest release and music video to “On the Road”. Seeing large success with his release “After Hours”, he keeps pressure on with this single. Having such a distinct sound he stays true to that in this track. Wanting to scream the lyrics to every song of his is where he stands out from the rest. The melodies and delivery are something special.

With this being his debut music video he did it right. Directed by Luca NV, they take us on a cross country road trip that captures the vibe of the song perfectly. Documenting this journey and making it the music video brings this form of authenticity to the track. They’re just having a good time and they’re making great music while doing it. Charlieonnafriday has another hit with this one, check it out.


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